Our Team

Mohamed Mostafa

Founder of Fitrah Wellbeing

Faaiza Shakil

Functional Medicine Health Coach

Haarith Ndiaye

Medical Director

Mohamed Mostafa

Mohamed Mostafa, The Functional Medicine Coach For Weight Loss and Metabolic Reset. He was a former accountant but soon after starting his career, he realised that helping others get over their pain and have their best health is what he wanted to do for life. Mohamed is a graduate of Sport Physical Therapy from United Kingdom and a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach from the United States.


Mohamed has a passion for health and wellness and helping others learn to make lifelong lifestyle changes through nutrition, exercise, stress management, mindset and many more. As a physical therapist and a health coach, he partners with his clients to move them from illness to health and from where they are to where they want to be.


Each of us has the power to create the health they want. We now know that one’s mindset can influence physiology and that while our genes are very important, they do not have to be our destiny!


Health creation and disease avoidance can be achieved by slight tweaks to our mindset and lifestyle. Mohamed’s coaching philosophy is built on the foundation of mindset and behaviour change intervention, as well as the new science of brain health and positive psychology.


Working with Mohamed, clients receive the support, education, and accountability they need to make gradual, lifelong changes to be the human they were destined to become.

Mohamed believes that

  1. Health is NOT wealth. HEALTH IS EVERYTHING
  2. Functional Medicine is the future of health care
  3. Believes in a world where people have access to Functional Medicine doctors and coaches where they have the ability to make themselves healthy and not just stay sick and take pills over and over again.

Faaiza Shakil

My name is Faaiza Shakil, I originally was studying Media and then life took its turn and I became a student of Children’s Nursing, worked in theatres as a Recovery Nurse, and School Nurse. I am certified as a Functional Medicine Health Coach and also certified in Hijama Therapy.


During my Practice, I found there is a rapid emergence of cases related to children having allergies. I noticed that there are also a growing number of cases in children who have chronic conditions, ie, Autism, ADHD, Diabetes. This sparked curiosity in me with the way Functional Medicine can help address the root cause and using food as medicine. And the way health coaching can help implement positive behaviour changes to create a transformative lifestyle for optimal health. 


One of my key strengths is Spirituality, and without this I know I could not have gotten where I am today. If we combine Islam, we will notice that the some of what functional medicine conceptualises can be linked to Prophetic Hadith. Fitrah focuses on all aspects of wellbeing and that’s what makes us different!

Haarith Ndiaye

My name is Haarith Ndiaye and I am an academic doctor based in the United Kingdom. I graduated with a distinction in medicine from University College London (UCL) and as well as working as a hospital-based doctor I am the medical director here at Fitrah Wellbeing.


In my practice I aim to provide a holistic approach to healthcare matters, that is not just providing symptomatic treatment but truly addressing the root cause of the issue. One of the events which sparked this transition was a patient who was a recurrent attender with chronic pain in all of her joints, she had seen every doctor in the practice, had seen specialists in rheumatology and neurology and had tried most pain medications available. This made me question what the real cause of the joint pain was as all investigations were normal and none of the medications were really addressing the underlying cause. When I saw her I decided to try and investigate whether there could be something else underlying this pain and when I started exploring other aspects of her life I discovered this lady was profoundly depressed and there were other issues related to her lifestyle which had never been addressed.


Simply talking about these issues brought her immense relief and then put into effect certain measures to tackle these lifestyle issues – depression, poor sleep, poor appetite, sedentary lifestyle – resulted in significant improvement in her pain.


This more holistic approach aligns well with our aim at Fitrah which is considering the whole person – body, mind, spirit, and emotions – in the quest for optimal health and wellness. I truly believe that by adopting this approach we can help each of you achieve your personalised health goals.